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Denim Jeans for the Shorty Club

jeans for short legs

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you, like me, have struggled to find the perfect length jeans for your stature. I’m five feet tall (or as some say, five feet short), and have a longer torso and shorter legs. For most of my teen and adult life I’ve had two options when it came to denim, shop in the kid section or pay to have them hemmed.

And sometimes cutting off the bottom of denim, could mean cutting off the cutest part. I remember buying a gorgeous (and expensive) pair of True Religion super flare jeans with a wide hem stitch on the bottom. After getting them hemmed, the entire flare was gone! I was left with a nothing special, bootcut looking fit that was just not as exciting.

So I was totally ecstatic when I was shopping in American Eagle one day and the sales rep told me that they had short length jeans! While still not the perfect length for my vertically challenged legs, they did not need to be hemmed at all. The selection in stores is not all that great, so I typically shop my shorty jeans online.


To my delight, this past Black Friday, I noticed that they had extra-short jeans online! Whaaaaa-t!

I scooped up a pair of flares and a five-button skinny jeans to try out before I went to crazy. I even had them rush delivered because I was so excited about them. And they did not disappoint! The flares were perfect! I could even wear them with flats if I wanted to. Unheard of in shorty land.

The five button black skinny denim in the extra short also fit perfectly. I have a similar one in the (regular) short style and while it fits, it does have extra fabric on the bottom that scrunches. The photo below has the extra short on the left and the short on the right.

Since the goal is to elongate my legs, I only wear high waist denim. Yes, I went through that stage in the 2000’s where the only jeans worth wearing were low rise jeans, but I didn’t realize how it shortens the legs instead of elongating. American Eagle not only has high rise, but they have a highest rise also. It also helps eliminate my muffin top! Wooohooo! AE jeans will run you less than $60 and are almost always on sale. If they aren’t, wait for a sale!

AE short versus extra short denim

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